Have the Strength to Be That Somebody

In a world that feels somewhat scary and hopeless, let’s be the light in the darkness, the calm in the storm.

My daughter flies off to Europe today to travel with the love of her life. They have been planning this trip for months. He has traveled often, this is her first flight off the continent. They are traveling through Italy, France and England. One of the places they will stay is Nice, France. In light of yesterdays senseless terror attack, my husband sat on the couch with her as they watched the news reports, and talked about how to stay safe, to locate embassies in case of emergency, if there was gunfire, or trucks, or bombs, how to navigate through a crowd and where to go. Instead of talking about the beauty of the trip, the wonderful adventures they have planned, he felt the need being a father and an ex-police officer to give some words of advice to keep her safe. It is apparently our new normal.

Our children are grown, 23 and 25. Both of them will travel this summer, and although they are young adults, they will always be our children. Am I nervous? Sure. I still want to wrap them up in a virtual bubble wrap to protect them from harm. But there is no protection from the craziness of the world. No, the only way to stop the madness is to reach out with love in your heart, a strong will, and a fearless but savvy way of being a positive force in our world. And that for my children it means venturing out into the world to see new places, meet new people, and learn from each other.

People want to close the door and hide, both in our homes and our borders. But I believe, now is the time to open doors, not with reckless abandon, because there are things seriously wrong in our world that need to be healed. In some cases, it means rising up and taking back our safety in whatever means necessary, as there are people who are bent on creating chaos and hate. To deny that would be foolish. But to close your mind, your heart, and let those that mean destruction the power to break your spirit, that would be the real tragedy.Be that somebody

So today, when you hear the hate speak, from our politicians, the media, even our friends and neighbors, be the light. Me, I am supporting my own children to go out into the world and spread their wonderful spirit. I will pray for safe travels for my kids, pray for those who lost their lives, their families, and for wisdom of our leaders to work together, not divide ourselves further.

I will pay close attention to the political rhetoric this week from both parties, because the next leader of the United States will have a prominent place and voice on the world stage, and we as citizens have the responsibility and the privilege to ask tough questions. I will be exploring a site http://letters2president.org/ to find a way to incorporate my students in the political process. Now is the time to listen, to speak, to act.


Whatever You Do, Do What Matters

It is nice to know people read from this space. Blogging is a lonely writing place at times. I know that I read many posts daily and make no response, so I am not surprised to have so few comments. But every once in awhile you get a comment, or make a connection. A NWP friend of mine quoted from my blogpost the other day, and made this. Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 10.13.44 AM
It is interesting to see your words quoted on other spaces. I personally am a collector of quotes, I have more quote pins on my Pinterest board than any other category. So to see my quote like this made me smile today.
I am feeling a little more hopeful this morning. No real reason to feel this way, the chaos continues, but there is a new quiet resolve forming in my soul, and as I write and read, and write some more,  I am creating a new vision for what I want to do next. I am looking to take our social justice curriculum to a new level.

I am losing the freedom in some of my classes to “do what you do” with my English learners. It is important to have consistency across our classes, so things will look different in room 207 this fall, and I am wrapping my head around it all this summer.Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 9.14.07 AM I have been asked to teach to a program, and to document the work for a year to see if test scores improve both on state testing and language testing. That does not mean I won’t be able to infuse some of the work, but it will be more challenging to do so. I can’t imagine a classroom that doesn’t reflect student voice and choice, so given these new parameters, I will just have to work through it. No one will ever accuse me of sitting back and letting things happen, I have the power to make this a worthwhile project and I intend to do so.Change the statistics

But my leadership class, that program is created through my own experiences and the interests of my students. This year we have a new theme #payitforward. I have the book to share with each of the students through Donor’s Choose, and we are going to set the stage together on how we will give back to our community in a variety of ways. To do what matters means to inspire others to explore what matters in their world, then give them the time, the tools, and the opportunity to make a difference.  Our new leaders will continue some of our ongoing work, like tutorials and campus ambassadors, but they will also get a chance to explore some of their own passions and interests, and create community projects I haven’t even thought of yet. We need to be game changers in our community as well as our campus. Our country desperately needs people who take responsibility for their words and actions, as well as step forward with solutions. I found this video this morning on my crowded Facebook feed. Take the time to watch it. Find your passion, set your vision, and make it a reality. What will you do to change the game?



The World Just Keeps Crashing In… But We Stand Up, Speak Up, and Believe in What Matters

I have looked back on my blog over the past year, and sadly, this isn’t the first time when I sit and wonder how I am going to explain senseless anger and violence to my students. They are on summer break now, and so am I, yet I sit here and try to make sense out of a political world gone crazy. And anger, so much hate and anger that is spilling over the media, my Facebook feed, Twitter, and at just about every discussion with friends and colleagues.

There were shootings again this week. Two black men, killed at the hands of police officers in different parts of the country. Again, the cries of so many, the marches, the rhetoric. We have become a nation of soundbites. The larger issues of racism, poverty, education, health care issues, too difficult to manage, so we resort to hashtags and Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 9.53.38 PMslogans. Candidates for the highest office in the land are fighting against each other, with neither offering real leadership or focus on the issues facing this country. Too busy trying to get elected,  I guess in an election where most of us feel we are choosing between the lesser of two evils, not with true support in the candidate or their message.

I too have been part of the hashtags and slogans.  I  posted this on my page this week, reaching back 50 years to find something to remind us we are better than what I see and hear before me now.  He wasn’t perfect, but he believed in something greater than himself, Then he was shot and killed, and we remember, but have we learned?

This past week, 10 police officers were shot by a sniper during a peaceful protest  in Dallas protesting the shootings earlier Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 10.24.54 PMin the week. Five were killed, the others still hospitalized. Three other police officers have been shot this week since then. More posts, more hashtags, more mourning, more anger and no answers. I thought President Obama summarized it well,  Keep talking, racial tension won’t end over night, keep talking.

But there is a deafening silence from those of us who don’t know what to say that will make a difference. Those of us afraid to say the wrong thing, to be shouted down, to be dismissed as naive, to ask the more difficult questions.

I have been relatively quiet this week. My husband was a police officer for a short time. I know the fear a wife feels when the person they love goes to work each day.  I know there are good cops and bad cops, and to say that there is justice for all would be a lie. This post showed up on my feed this week, and I found myself needing to speak.Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 9.43.03 PM  I know that I am a middle aged, middle class white woman, and that my lens, my privilege give me a view of the world that is  different from others. I have learned that to work to be culturally proficient means to recognize your own bias, your own lens, and then listen to a variety of perspectives to better understand what’s going on.  I have learned to check myself, to listen more and speak more carefully. So I need to push back on this post, and say, the operative word to me is matter.

I can recognize the injustice, and use my voice, my platform to continue to ask the tough questions. I can recognize that there are systems broken, and work to fix them. I can teach my students to see more than one story. We do not live in a color blind society, nor should we. Every person, every life, deserves to be respected. I can say black lives matter and mean it. I can recognize there are issues with our judicial system and speak up about it can still respect those men and women who choose to be police officers in this nation. I can hold them accountable when they abuse their position, and mourn their death and fear for their safety. So when I look at these hashtags, the words lives and matter are what I choose to focus on. Quality of life, honoring diversity and speaking up for those who do not have the power or the privilege in our system to do so matters. Do what matters, because all our lives, and the lives of our children, depend on it.


Something about a Clean Closet…

There is something about a clean closet. I look on Pinterest with envy with all those people who manage to keep their closets clutter free and clothes all in rows by style, color and even outfit. I pin all sorts of organizational ideas and ponder just why I can’t seem to keep my stuff together.

See, it's life improving

See, it’s life improving

But every summer there is “the purge”. Those of you who are good at keeping your stuff organized can stop reading, but a few of my buddies know the joy of finding the closet floor, and that missing sandal from spring break. #truestory

It always starts out innocently enough. I was looking for some of my gym stuff, and that led to the sock drawer, then to the closet and…. Three hours later and everything is out of my closet and on the bed. Now it also helps that I start these projects when there are many things I should be doing. For example, writing… if my professors are reading this at the moment, they are not going to be incredibly thrilled that I purged my closet rather than work on my papers. I have two more to write for one class, and a meeting on my doctoral project tomorrow. Maybe I should have taken before and after shots so they would understand the urgency of my situation. After all, who doesn’t want to improve their life?

But today wasn’t a total loss in the doctoral world.  I was looking at some new curriculum at the county office for a new ELD intervention we are doing this fall. I know I have become a researcher when I took photos of the citations pages so I could find some more research articles to support my work. Yeah, my teaching partner was not impressed. Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 10.12.52 PM

I am not a procrastinator, but a muddler  when it comes to writing. I have to muddle through ideas to find clarity. I have discovered over the past few months that I must have lots of floating around time with my thoughts. I am writing in my head all the time. It is not unusual to see me pull out a post it or the back of an envelope to get an idea on paper. Sometimes this works well, sometimes it is unfortunate when I end up in yet another deadline-induced panic.

So this being the summer of #summerstories I have given myself a lot of structure and many mini-deadlines, as I know for a fact I must have a tremendous amount of writing done before I return to work in August. I have discovered that in my perfect writing world, I get more done in the morning. I am not afforded this luxury during the school year, so I am scheduling writing time every week day early in the morning. I am also trying to post here on my blog as a place to reflect and just get words on a page. Thanks for indulging me in this new effort to bring this space back to some consistent life.

But I digress, the clean closet. The other thing that must be done this summer is to clear out the office for real, and get an uncluttered space to write. The words clutter my brain enough, so the office clutter doesn’t bode well for me. So again, back to the mini deadlines, much to my hubby’s dismay there are lots of scheduled times over the next few weeks to attack the clutter from room to room. Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 10.41.42 PMNow that I have finished my first year of the doctoral journey, I know that what I put off now, won’t be done until next spring or summer break. ( I have quite a few get to it later piles from our last office decluttering adventure.)

So this closet cleaning, clutter attacking moment is not simply procrastination, it is actually going to create a better flow for all the writing work that needs to be done.  Now if I could just find those missing socks…



#Summerstories Calendaring The Summer is More Freeing Than You Think

There is something to be said for summer. Summer for most teachers is more of a working vacation.  When I check out the Snapchats, Instagram pics, and Facebook posts, there are a mixture of family photos, a few toes in the sand and wine glass shots,  followed by scheduled dentists and doctors appointments, car repair,  and other mundane but necessary tasks. It is almost as if summer is the catch all for those things we just don’t get to during the school year.  I spent a good part of yesterday setting goals and creating calendars. It really wouldn’t look like a vacation to most people, but for this kid, the luxury of time to get things done is positive and powerful.1920 1080 text-01 I even found this cute desktop for my new computer. I have discovered living the grad school life alongside work life and home life means I have to make the time to get things done.  This concept of balance I have discovered does not mean equal time for everything in life. Balance is found in giving the amount of time that things need, not necessarily the same amount of time for everything that I want to get done.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 8.32.43 AM

A smart person once said….

Writing for example has been part of my life on so many levels. But this switch to being an author,  writing with the intent to publish a book, takes focus and commitment. So thanks to Google, I created a calendar that lists workouts, writing blocks and home stuff each weekday. I can’t spend the summer letting days slip by one into another. This time is precious, and I can’t waste it. Af first that seems the antithesis of vacation, but in reality it will give me more time to do the things I love to do. (like beach walk for example scheduled this Sunday morning).

This summer story is not what I typically write for myself. This new found discipline is born from necessity and passion. I signed up for two writing blog spaces, to keep track of my word count and to join an online writing group to support the habit of writing every day. I have to put words to paper, lots of them if I am going to follow this dream to the end. If you want to join this group to write 750 words a day, here is the link.http://750words.com/

Happy Wednesday!




Some Days, I Hate To Write #summerstories

I am taking a break from writing as I write this post. The irony on that opening statement is not lost on me. Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 5.00.27 PMI have been in my office most of the day today, writing, but saying nothing. Does anyone else have that feeling? You know the one I mean, the words that fly around in your head, the ideas that race in and around the mind that are too fleeting to put to the keyboard. And when you go to type them, they mix all over the page, you have opened 4 tabs, and nothing is making sense? So you shut the screen and read other peoples writing, then read some more. Trying to build some confidence, looking for mentors out there somewhere. But at the end of the day, as every writer knows, the words eventually have to come from you, and no where else.

I go back to the blank digital page, and I stare at it. I open my new computer,(yes, after almost losing all my doctoral work on my other one, I knew it was time). and I try something new.  I transfer  all the documents from one computer to another, and they then become a jumbled mess, kind of like my mind at the moment. I almost think it would be better to have lost all the words, because the ones I have are kind of shit anyway. I panic, then breathe because after all they are all saved in google drive, and at some point I will be able to find them again. And if I can’t, they may never would have been necessary in the first place. So I go back to writing.

But the screen just mocks me, with a big blank page.

I keep waiting for the magic fairy dust, or at least some bolt of lightning that will strike and say, “yes my writer, this is where it begins.” But no, that isn’t happening. Instead, here I am in the comfort of my blog just posting this random rant to try to get the fingers moving again. I am going to post this too, fearlessly post this. I wish I could say the same of my doctoral work. I am frozen in fear in that realm. I think I am so busy trying to fit into that mold that I have lost my purpose. I’m just not sure where my voice fits in that world. There are APA’s, and citations and bears, oh my… but I digress.

So my daughter called me in the middle of this rant. She said, “Why don’t you just write? Write what you know to be true. Worry about the format later, it will come. Write down anything, that’s what you tell me.” (Don’t you hate it when your kids reteach you a lesson you shared with them?) So here it goes Alicia, the top 10 things I want people to understand from my work, a draft list.

If I were to write a book on my work with Long Term English Learners, here is what I want people to know. We as educators have done a disservice to our English Language Learners, particularly those students who have been part of our educational system for over five years, yet remained trapped on a remedial track due to their slow English Language Development. We have not done this intentionally mind you, but I am here to say, I’m sorry, and I am working very hard to fix it.

To my own students, the reality is many of you still sit on our designated english learner classes, many times in programs that continually see you as a problem to be solved rather than an asset to be harnessed. We tend to focus on remediation rather than acceleration, silencing student voices rather than using technology to enhance your academic language skills. Rather than facing our own limitations or assumptions, we tend to point outward, to conditions beyond our sphere of influence. Although education today faces many challenges beyond our control, this needs to stop.

Here are core beliefs, or simply put, what I know to be true. In taking a play book from Kelly Gallagher,  from Write Like This, here are 10 core beliefs about the teaching of English Learners.

Core Belief 1: I believe that our second language learners come from a place of strength. If we can harness their language skills and promote their academic language, they will be successful lifelong learners and able to contribute to our global economy and conversation with their dual voice, both in English and their home language. It is our job to do so.

Core Belief 2: Long Term English Language Learners have diverse needs. Just like every student, we need to meet them where they are and move them forward. If a student has been in our school system for over five years, and their academic growth has stagnated, we have an obligation to look at that students with a new lens.  Ask critical questions, assess in a variety of ways, and look for new structures to support those students. It is unacceptable to chalk it up to lack of motivation or effort, there is something more, much more.

Core Belief 3: Student choice inspires student voice. Students should be immersed in rich, academic language and experiences that mirror what is going on in the world around them. Relevancy and rigor, balanced with structure and instruction. It is not enough for these students to float around in the English language and hope “they get it”. We have to take the time to analyze the language we use to support their learning, and be explicit, but not dogmatic in that approach.

Core Belief 4: Teachers should structure and scaffold their lessons to help English Learners gain the  vocabulary necessary to fully participate in academic discourse. That means we must think through our lessons, what do students need to know and be able to do to understand this content? What can we do to allow all our students access to the higher level content in the lesson?

Core Belief #5 Technology is a powerful tool, use it wisely. If all we do with our technology is plug our students into a glorified, digitized worksheet with a few bells and whistles, we will see no progress. Students must not only be consumers of media, they must be producers of media. Our English learners need more time and more structure interacting on line, with spaces to demonstrate their understanding using words, images, and voice.

Core Belief #6 Harnessing student experience, language  and knowledge plays a large role in the academic proficiency of our students. Students need to see themselves in our schools and our curriculum. They should feel respected in the classroom, and one way to do that is to provide materials and opportunities for students to read and write about themselves, their world, and issues that matter to them.

Core Belief #7 Teachers should talk less so our students speak more. Many of our students, particularly in secondary education go from class to class without uttering a single academic phrase. Providing things like sentence starters and group discussion protocols are meant to empower our learners to compete and speak using higher academic language, we need to use them regularly, rather than simply saying, “Let’s chat.”

Core Belief #8  Teachers should be explicit in their modeling of thinking about their thinking. Our students want to learn, they want to be successful. They need to be shown explicitly what that looks like.

Core Belief #9 Students need more time to read and write. Period.

Core Belief #10 All teachers are language teachers. Students need both integrated language development opportunities, and designated language opportunities to be successful in this thing called school. It is up to each of us to create learning opportunities and support to ensure the success for all our kids.

So there you have it my friends, an outline of my thinking. I would love some feedback since I literally just poured this onto the page just now. Hmm… now back to that doctoral outline, I think there are some things I can use here. Thanks Alicia, you were just what this struggling writer needed this afternoon.













Let Summer Begin: #summerstories

So this first week of summer was spent in class. Yup, in class. So those of you who think teachers have the summer off, that is only partially true. It is a time to take a break, but also to revamp and explore our own work.   Summer helps us set up the following year.Summer Renewal

This is the summer of stories. I am working on creating a new professional story, one that includes work not only on my doctoral degree, but revamping some of the work in my classroom. I am in the mood to make a professional change, but it just isn’t quite the time right now. So it’s time to do some program revamping, and hopefully documenting that work for both my doctorate work, and as a model or prototype for others to use.

The CPR/First Aid class that allows me to take my kiddos on field trips. My favorite part of the day was the dismembered finger. Pretty sure finding a finger floating in the water to be bagged and tagged and brought to the hospital won’t happen on any of our field trips to local colleges, but one must never be too careful. We obviously have to add plastic baggies and a sharpie marker to our first aid kits.

Then there were two days at the Cultural Proficiency Institute. It was an interesting two days discussing discourse, student advocacy, and how to build culturally aware and responsive schools and classrooms. After watching our politicians this week, I am beginning to think they all need to attend.  The purpose of this work is really t

to explore your own biases and beliefs from the inside out. I have learned that in order to begin to understand others, you have to first do the hard intense work of thinking about your own identity, your core values, your judgements and assumptions, and ways to improve our communication not only in the educational realm, but beyond. I love this video one of the presenters shared. Not just for the song, but the obvious connection around the world. I sat as I listened and wondered how they all connected in the first place, the power of digital connection joined by personal, live music. What an interesting project this must have been, and I loved looking at it so I thought I would share it with all of you.  What are your #summerstories?


Every Summer Has A Story, What Will You Create This Summer?

This is the end of my 28th year of teaching. Twenty. Eight. Years. That sounds astounding when I say it or put it in writing. How is it possible that time flies by so fast? How is it that when I look in the mirror I don’t always recognize that seasoned teacher who looks back at me? Suddenly the admin on my site are all younger than myself. I work for a superintendent a decade younger, and there are more frequent times when I feel like I am those “old teachers” that the young ones talk about. I find that experience can be an asset, or an assumption made about what I will say or do in a certain situation. It can also be a struggle to realize I have less years in front of me than I do behind me, so it begs the question, what will I do for the rest of my career? What will be my legacy?Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 4.01.58 PM

So this will be my twenty ninth summer.Summer is a time of renewal, and rest. It’s time to put your toes in the sand and take yourself out of your comfort zone. Every summer I take time to sit and reflect on the year past, and plan what I can do to reset and refresh for the next year. I don’t really know how to just sit and relax. I don’t even pretend anymore that I will, because it just isn’t in my DNA. This summer, by definition will be a working summer. I am fully immersed in the doctoral work. Although I will be dedicating a lot of time to writing and reading this summer, it is something I am passionate about. I am writing a book instead of a traditional doctoral thesis. I’m setting a new course in my journey. There, I said it out there for all the world to read. I am writing a book. So that means a lot of butt in chair, pull your hair kind of writing. It is exciting and scary all at the same time.Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 7.02.50 AM It is forcing me to evaluate my own teaching situation, my pedagogy, and quite frankly, the impact I want to make in the educational world before I retire. It means I may be taking my career in a new direction. I have to walk away from some things in order to make space for others. It’s having courage to try something new, and to believe that my experience and age can be an asset, and that it isn’t too late for bold adventures. Big thoughts, big dreams.

So here’s to those of us, young and old who boldly put their dreams out into the world. I hope that you find time to follow your passions, and take steps, even small ones to make positive change in your life.

Happy Sunday!



It’s Promotion Day in Room 207

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. The past two days have been spent saying goodbye to my current students, and getting in touch with some students from the past. It is nice to have been around long enough now to have my high school students enter college, and for my high school kids to come back and tell me how it’s going. Here is a quick slideshow of the leaders of 2016, the senior class of 2020.

Interviewing Henry… What We Learn Together is So Much Greater

So what do you think your goal is as a professor now?

“I want my students to be self aware, to help them deconstruct what is going on in the world around them so they can be better citizens. I want them to be gritty, and I want them to tell the truth about what is really happening.”

Tonight I am working on a paper for my Educational Leadership class. I interviewed a dear colleague Henry Aronson. He was witty, passionate and honest in his responses about race, ethnicity and his views on the world.  It is how we learn about each other, we ask questions, listen with the intent to understand, and then when we are truly  lucky, we take the time to analyze how this conversation adds to or changes our view of the world.

This course looks at the concept of cultural proficiency as the basic tenet of American democracy. The focus is on educational settings, identifying and discussing issues of diversity within schools. How can we better understand each other? One of the assignments was to interview someone about their own experiences with differences in culture or race. I had such a great conversation about how we identify with each other, with cultural groups and how that impacts how we teach. Again, more brilliant words from my writing project colleague Henry when discussing his college classroom.

“I’m not here to fix something broken about them. I’m here to fix things about the way they were taught. I don’t think I could have done that if I hadn’t done it with my own bio-community. I don’t see my filipino students as broken. I didn’t see them as lacking. I saw them as their needs weren’t being met. And so as I translate that to my own work with my African American students, it carries over. I don’t see my black students as deficient, instead I ask what is deficient about the way we are teaching? What are we doing systemically that is not allowing them to rise to their potential? They need to meet their potential.

We can all learn by taking the time to have some in depth discussions. Being able to see the challenges and similarities in our classrooms, our lives. Thanks Henry for giving me so many wonderful things to contemplate.