Scheduling Time for Fun, Make It Happen People!!

First of all, I am blessed to have summer breaks. I know that, I accept it, and I embrace it. So this summer I am more scheduled than I have been in a long time, but I am also more relaxed than ever. So how is that possible? Because I finally learned that to make the most of the time I have this summer, I have to be purposeful in how I spend it. I have big dreams, huge goals and I need this time to get some serious things done. That means filling my summer with big chunks of writing time if I expect to graduate on time, and I do!

Balancing Act, even in summer

It helps to have the days to write. It is hard to write after a long day at work, and I am making the most of it. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my job. I really do, but I also know that in order to be the best teacher and student I can be, I need to take breaks. Even if the breaks would not seem like breaks to any other sane person.

Best. Advice. Ever.

How big chunks of my weekdays look…










In order to follow my doctoral dream, I have to set large amounts of time out of my summer days to work on it. I am an all or nothing writer, and I am learning that doesn’t work when writing a book. You are not done, not ever. The revision just flows from one day to the next. I have spent a year on the research for this book, and it is time to quit reading other books and articles and write what I know to be true myself. This blog space is helping me do that. It is the place I found my voice, and just playing around in this space helps shape my thoughts and warm up the brain before I go back to the place where I need to cite and document just about everything I am thinking. (APA may kill me yet!) This is my play space, and we all need one.

So this calendaring thing I have also turned into a play space. I am purposefully scheduling downtime. I know all the great

Yeah, those are socks, and we only have 2 in the house at the moment…

gurus in time management talk about the importance of that, but I have never really done it. I have put it on the calendar, but I didn’t follow through. It started with calendaring big chunks of time to write. And then it was filled with the normal teacher things like doctors and dentist appointments that we put off all year, and a few critical home projects because seriously the laundry doesn’t put away itself.  (as pictured here).


But summer needs to be more than work and catching up on all those things you didn’t do while going to work and school. It also is time to have some fun!! So I went back to the calendar and found spaces to put in fun things. It started with my mom coming to visit next week, and thinking about things we can do together. I found this cool thing on my Facebook feed that listed 15 things to do in San Diego, and since I hadn’t done well… any of them, I decided this was a great place to start.  Last night I went to the pier with my hubby and best friends. Check number 10 off the list, now 14 more to go. What are you doing to make the most of your summer?

Take time for fun.

3 thoughts on “Scheduling Time for Fun, Make It Happen People!!

  1. We know this is true: taking a break — taking time for friends and laughter — allows the brain to rest and connect so when you’re “on” again, the ideas flow even better. You’re awesome — play and write!

  2. I watch you writing with such determination and am learning from you. I don’t get long holidays, but I am starting to make time to write this PhD of mine before time runs out.

  3. Bravo Janet! It is so important to remember to schedule time for fun, even with all the other things we need and want to do. (My grandbabies remind me of that!) My camera also helps me remember to have fun, when I have pictures to take I’m always looking for something to do that will change my perspective–even if it is in my own backyard! You can do this! Can’t wait to read your book.


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