It Takes A Village To Raise A Writer

Today I met with my writing crew, and although we didn’t get as much done as we would like, I realized that it isn’t always about a number of words we get on the page, but sometimes it is just the direction that we give each other, the clarification and support that we need as writers. Writing can be a really lonely process, and without having someone who understands the work involved in just refocusing a piece, or commiserating with you when you have another round of revisions on the pages you were so sure were ready for comps would make this journey so much more difficult. This afternoon we set a course for the summer, sharing our hopes and goals, and helping each other come up with some creative ideas to get to the end of the school year and still get these major readings and responses done for this summer school class.                                I think all teachers should have to go back to school at some point in their career. It is humbling to remember what it means to have so many deadlines when other parts of your life are crying for attention. I think I am a more compassionate and “real” teacher with my students when I am walking the walk alongside them as both a student and teacher. My coaching of scholars rings a little truer when we share stories of procrastination, or I share my writing or my note taking and let them know that hey, I don’t get it right the first or third or even tenth time that I revise. It adds relevance to the message, and hopefully inspires my students to reach a little higher, try a little harder and work for progress and not perfection.                                     Like writing this blog post tonight. I have promised myself I would come back to this space to play with words, and just document the day to day world that happens around me. These posts won’t be earth-shattering, and most of the time they will go out into the internet with no one actually reading or responding. Although I must admit I hope there are people reading what I write, this space I think is more a place for me to put my musings, and if they speak to some people than so be it. This summer the intent of this space is to build my writing endurance, to find my voice without the confines and structure that APA and dissertation work tend to not stifle exactly, but surely modify. So here’s to all the students and writers out there. Keep on putting your words to paper, give voice to your passion, and hopefully develop a writing team that will tell you when your stuff is bullshit and keeps you in the game when you begin to doubt yourself. Writing can be the most solitary struggle and the greatest connection. I am hoping by the end of this adventure in 348 days it will prove to be worth it.

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