Summer of 2017 Recreating the Writing Habit

I am declaring the Summer of 2017 a season of writing and renewal. I have been carrying so many posts in my head I am truly ready to burst. I keep thinking, I need to write that down, I need to post that.  But then life happens and it just never seems to appear. But today marks the first unofficial day of summer, and my promise to myself to take the summer as a time to post again. I am about a year away from completing my doctorate. It feels like has the soared by, and then other days where I feel like it will never happen. I can tell when it began because this space is so empty, while other writing spaces and work spaces have been so full. I have a list of post ideas, images, tweets and beginnings of a variety of chapters, notes,  and stories that need to be placed somewhere.

I can’t believe that this new adventure both in grad life and school life has gone almost undocumented in this space, but that is about to change. I miss this space, and although Twitter and Facebook hold images and short quotes, it just isn’t the same. My computer is full of academic writing, of reports and papers and summaries, but now is the time to bring my voice back to the work. I This third year of the program is all about writing. At first, I thought I would never see this space again, but then as I took

This is the last summer of the doctoral program, and it is all about the writing. At first, I thought I would never see this space again, but then as I took the time to review my past posts, this is the place where so much of the work began.

So consider this an invitation to my writing process. At least through the summer, this space will come alive again. Words need a home, thoughts need a place to land, and I hope that throughout the summer you find the time to join in the conversation. Pull up a chair, a cup of coffee and let’s chat awhile.

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