Whatever You Do, Do What Matters

It is nice to know people read from this space. Blogging is a lonely writing place at times. I know that I read many posts daily and make no response, so I am not surprised to have so few comments. But every once in awhile you get a comment, or make a connection. A NWP friend of mine quoted from my blogpost the other day, and made this. Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 10.13.44 AM
It is interesting to see your words quoted on other spaces. I personally am a collector of quotes, I have more quote pins on my Pinterest board than any other category. So to see my quote like this made me smile today.
I am feeling a little more hopeful this morning. No real reason to feel this way, the chaos continues, but there is a new quiet resolve forming in my soul, and as I write and read, and write some more,  I am creating a new vision for what I want to do next. I am looking to take our social justice curriculum to a new level.

I am losing the freedom in some of my classes to “do what you do” with my English learners. It is important to have consistency across our classes, so things will look different in room 207 this fall, and I am wrapping my head around it all this summer.Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 9.14.07 AM I have been asked to teach to a program, and to document the work for a year to see if test scores improve both on state testing and language testing. That does not mean I won’t be able to infuse some of the work, but it will be more challenging to do so. I can’t imagine a classroom that doesn’t reflect student voice and choice, so given these new parameters, I will just have to work through it. No one will ever accuse me of sitting back and letting things happen, I have the power to make this a worthwhile project and I intend to do so.Change the statistics

But my leadership class, that program is created through my own experiences and the interests of my students. This year we have a new theme #payitforward. I have the book to share with each of the students through Donor’s Choose, and we are going to set the stage together on how we will give back to our community in a variety of ways. To do what matters means to inspire others to explore what matters in their world, then give them the time, the tools, and the opportunity to make a difference.  Our new leaders will continue some of our ongoing work, like tutorials and campus ambassadors, but they will also get a chance to explore some of their own passions and interests, and create community projects I haven’t even thought of yet. We need to be game changers in our community as well as our campus. Our country desperately needs people who take responsibility for their words and actions, as well as step forward with solutions. I found this video this morning on my crowded Facebook feed. Take the time to watch it. Find your passion, set your vision, and make it a reality. What will you do to change the game?



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