#Summerstories Calendaring The Summer is More Freeing Than You Think

There is something to be said for summer. Summer for most teachers is more of a working vacation.  When I check out the Snapchats, Instagram pics, and Facebook posts, there are a mixture of family photos, a few toes in the sand and wine glass shots,  followed by scheduled dentists and doctors appointments, car repair,  and other mundane but necessary tasks. It is almost as if summer is the catch all for those things we just don’t get to during the school year.  I spent a good part of yesterday setting goals and creating calendars. It really wouldn’t look like a vacation to most people, but for this kid, the luxury of time to get things done is positive and powerful.1920 1080 text-01 I even found this cute desktop for my new computer. I have discovered living the grad school life alongside work life and home life means I have to make the time to get things done.  This concept of balance I have discovered does not mean equal time for everything in life. Balance is found in giving the amount of time that things need, not necessarily the same amount of time for everything that I want to get done.

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A smart person once said….

Writing for example has been part of my life on so many levels. But this switch to being an author,  writing with the intent to publish a book, takes focus and commitment. So thanks to Google, I created a calendar that lists workouts, writing blocks and home stuff each weekday. I can’t spend the summer letting days slip by one into another. This time is precious, and I can’t waste it. Af first that seems the antithesis of vacation, but in reality it will give me more time to do the things I love to do. (like beach walk for example scheduled this Sunday morning).

This summer story is not what I typically write for myself. This new found discipline is born from necessity and passion. I signed up for two writing blog spaces, to keep track of my word count and to join an online writing group to support the habit of writing every day. I have to put words to paper, lots of them if I am going to follow this dream to the end. If you want to join this group to write 750 words a day, here is the link.http://750words.com/

Happy Wednesday!




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