Let Summer Begin: #summerstories

So this first week of summer was spent in class. Yup, in class. So those of you who think teachers have the summer off, that is only partially true. It is a time to take a break, but also to revamp and explore our own work.   Summer helps us set up the following year.Summer Renewal

This is the summer of stories. I am working on creating a new professional story, one that includes work not only on my doctoral degree, but revamping some of the work in my classroom. I am in the mood to make a professional change, but it just isn’t quite the time right now. So it’s time to do some program revamping, and hopefully documenting that work for both my doctorate work, and as a model or prototype for others to use.

The CPR/First Aid class that allows me to take my kiddos on field trips. My favorite part of the day was the dismembered finger. Pretty sure finding a finger floating in the water to be bagged and tagged and brought to the hospital won’t happen on any of our field trips to local colleges, but one must never be too careful. We obviously have to add plastic baggies and a sharpie marker to our first aid kits.

Then there were two days at the Cultural Proficiency Institute. It was an interesting two days discussing discourse, student advocacy, and how to build culturally aware and responsive schools and classrooms. After watching our politicians this week, I am beginning to think they all need to attend.  The purpose of this work is really t

to explore your own biases and beliefs from the inside out. I have learned that in order to begin to understand others, you have to first do the hard intense work of thinking about your own identity, your core values, your judgements and assumptions, and ways to improve our communication not only in the educational realm, but beyond. I love this video one of the presenters shared. Not just for the song, but the obvious connection around the world. I sat as I listened and wondered how they all connected in the first place, the power of digital connection joined by personal, live music. What an interesting project this must have been, and I loved looking at it so I thought I would share it with all of you.  What are your #summerstories?


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