Reality Check: My Desk Doesn’t Look Like That

I will be the first to admit that I spend far too much time on social media. I have Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. If I was honest with myself, I know I could gain at least an hour a day, probably more if I took those apps off my phone. I know for a fact that puppy feeds on my screen, the Facebook surveys predicting my future, and the never-ending Pinterest posts for meals I never have time to cook definitely eat into my work and social time. But that is just one of the problems we face in a time of social media,

A photo of my desk with two laptops and some papers around them.

What my writing life really looks like

The way we constantly barrage ourselves with images of perfection. The perfect diet, the perfect vacation, images transformed to make us think that others have it better than we do. For example, take my latest revision of the header

binders and books

What real research looks like

on this blog space. It is of a clean desk, coffee cup in place and the image of clarity. I chose the image because I liked how it looked in comparison to this one,


my real desk… from each side. And honestly, this was after I got myself reorganized from some chapter work I was doing.

I would like to say my desk space at work is better, but that would be a lie. I am in a new space now, sharing with two other teachers and a host of high school students. Both teachers are incredibly neat and organized. I am currently trying to

When I start a new position, I bring with me comfort supplies.

explain my need for colored pens and post it’s but they still are not quite there with me yet on this one. I have the desire to have my world be more clean cut, less cluttered, as if that reality would bring calm into a somewhat chaotic life. So I post the goal, as a vision of what I hope to achieve, and share the reality here with you because yeah, we all have dreams, and if I have been nothing else over the years in this space, I am honest and true to myself.


The point is, we all to some degree seek connection when posting on and reading through social media feeds. We want to share our world, and be part of a larger community. So think about what you contribute to the social media landscape. Are you creating spaces that provide light and insight, or darkness and negativity? Are you posting truth or fantasy? And when you travel from digital place to place, do you leave them feeling uplifted or insecure?  We can filter through the noise and find places and spaces that actually build us up rather than tear us down.We can create a digital trail of that builds community rather than divides it. The power of how we connect is ours. So dare to be kind, be thoughtful and be honest. Happy Sunday friends, and I am glad to be back.