Changing Hearts and Minds

Bringing these along to discuss and share with all who will listen.

Getting right down to business at the EL Advocacy







This has been quite a week, working on doctoral chapters, traveling with my school team to New Orleans, and now a four-day Institute on EL Advocacy. There isn’t a more crucial time for this work than now with the divisiveness facing our nation on so many issues.

The key idea I took away from today was we look to change hearts and minds regarding the educational issue of English Learners. What does that look like? How do we speak to be understood rather than just be heard? How do we listen to opposing views to look for truths in issues that we may not want to face?¬†Us vs. them mentality gets us nowhere. We need to come together, face the fact we aren’t perfect and look at what can be improved. Most importantly, bring real examples and faces to problems and successes in our work. It can be daunting. It is about equity. It is important, and at times exhausting which is why coming together like this is so important.

I am working with 50 other passionate people who I don’t know, who care about what it means to support English Learner education. Getting together to learn how to advocate for this group of students begins by looking at the history of English learner education.

By learning about our past we can work toward a better future. Here’s to a productive and enlightening few days.

A history of the work.