We All Have Blessings in our Day to Day Lives, We Have to Remember to Count Them

I just took a trip to New Orleans with some colleagues from my site this past weekend. It was a whirlwind trip, there about 48 hours, with a focus on setting an agenda for the coming school year on what it means to be restorative, how can we grow stronger as a site, and how can we encourage relationship building on all levels, admin, staff, students, families. Big ideas, great conversations. It was a time of work and play, both designed to build relationships and understanding. I was nervous about going since I am literally old enough to be the mom of most in attendance, but I learned we all have something to offer, to share, and experience does not always quantify by age. I left knowing that although I view the world with my own distinct lens, that view is valuable, just as the thoughts and views of everyone who was there.

Today I threw myself back into my work, my writing, and the laundry. All of these things demanding more time and attention than I could muster, but muster I did. I ended the day at the gym because I am promising myself that I need to take care of my mind, body, and spirit this summer. I didn’t want to go, but as usual, once you get there, you always feel better

Todd Durkin, owner of Fitness Quest 10 is a world renowned trainer, working with people like me and professional athletes. His attention to people, his motivation and drive are contagious. It isn’t about just working out hard, it is working out well, finding balance. Tonight he said something as we were stretching that stuck with me, “We all have blessings every day, we need to take the time to count them.” ¬†As I lay there stretching, that really hit me. Do we take time every day to truly reflect? So I lay on the mat and counted my blessings, starting with my family, moving to friends, work, my studies (especially my ‘#firestarters”, ¬†having a career I love, and finally, the fact I could even stretch at all.

So here’s to counting blessings, whether you do it in the morning before you head out to face the world, or at the end of the day like I do. Sit in silence, let gratitude envelope you, take notice of the positive things in your life, and the challenges that help you grow. Spread positivity and remember there is more light than darkness in the world It is tough right now, but as my crew always tells me, “We got this.”